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Why don’t you operate a “shopping basket” order system ?
We would love to have a shopping basket system but nobody has come up with a method of selling leather by this system. The problem is that every hide is a different size and we don’t know the precise cost of your hide until it has been selected.
To get round the problem some firms charge “per hide” but this method usually means a higher charge. We only charge for the exact number of square feet you receive. Our method is a little slower but it is usually cheaper for you.

How do I order a hide if I don’t know how big it is?
Our regular customers know the rough limits of available sizes and leave it up to us. They sometimes say “small preferred” or “large preferred” or whatever is their preference. If you would like to know the exact size or price just ask us for a quote and we will send you the exact figures.

How do I place an order?
On our home page look at the top right corner. You will see a button labelled “ORDER HERE.” Click on this and follow the links.

How do I pay?
Once we have assembled your order, you will be emailed a proforma invoice with your total and also a link to a secure payment site to pay with a credit or debit card. You can also pay by BACS, bank details available on request.

Is Carriage and Vat charged on the prices in the catalogue?
Yes. Carriage is charged at £5.00 for orders up to £50.00, £7.00 for orders from £50 to £100 and £8.00 for orders from £100 to £200. Vat is charged on all items except books, currently at the rate of 20%.

Why do you charge Vat on postage and carriage when I can buy stamps without tax ?
This is required by Customs & Excise. ( Notice 700 section 8.3) If stamps are sold at a Post Office they do not incur Vat but if we stick them on a parcel then Vat must be charged. Please don’t blame us – it all goes to the government.

How can I speed up my order ?
The best way is to send a written order using the correct order codes and sizes and send this by email or Fax. Phone orders slow us down.

Why are phone orders slower ?
We always have a queue of people waiting for orders. If we are talking on the phone – we are not packing their parcels. This in turn delays your order. Verbal orders are also liable to errors.


Frequently Asked Questions