embossing plates

Embossing plates can be made from your own artwork. They are made from 6 mm thick Magnesium alloy sheet etched to your design. The plate can be any size - within reason.

They are intended for use with a small press.  It is however possible to use them in more ingenious ways such as a vice or even a sturdy 'G' cramp.  Small ones can be glued to blocks of metal and used with a hammer.

embossing stamp

To create a good plate
1) Use only clear black on white for your artwork. Grey scale or shading will confuse the process. Anything black is raised on the plate and therefore embossed into the leather.

2) Do not draw any lines or borders round your artwork unless you want the line to come out on the plate.

4) Draw your image the way you want it to read. The etcher will worry about reversing.

5) If you are putting several designs on one plate please leave at least 5 mm between the images to avoid damage when cutting them out.

6) Send your artwork in a PDF format by email to emboss@leprevo.co.uk

7) If you prefer, you can send your artwork on paper by post. Cheaper inkjet printers sometimes produce a zigzag line instead of a smooth curve. This will result in a less crisp plate. Better quality inkjet printers are okay and laser printers are best.Do not send by fax as the print quality is not good enough for artwork.

For further advice, please click on the link to How to Get a Good Plate

What you will receive
A sturdy magnesium alloy plate etched with your design ready for use.

Delivery time
The process is fairly fast. After we have agreed the final artwork and payment has been received it only takes a few days to make the plate and we will send it to you by 1st class mail or Airmail.

The current price for this product is £2.54 per square inch with a minimum charge of £50.80.  This would cover the cost of a plate up to 20 sq. in (i.e 4" x 5" = 20 sq inches )
There is nothing to stop you putting several designs on one plate and cutting them up yourself (magnesium is a relatively soft metal).

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